Sunday’s Of Interest: In The News

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Letter from Acting Secretary of State Robert Bacon to U.S. Ambassador to the United Kingdom Whitelaw Reid (page 3 of 8)

The UN urges a global move towards veganism for the environment. (Guardian)

VegNews uses non-vegan photos for its recipes. What the…?! *removing from blogroll* (New York Times)

Sales of milk alternatives have risen 13% in the last year. (Wall Street Journal)

There are up to 20 chemicals in a glass of milk. (The Daily Mail)

Happy brunching! 


Kale Farts are Gross

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Kale 69/365

Yeah, I’m going there.

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Spotlight On Milk: Quotes on Why Milk is Bad for You

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Koeien melken / Milking a cow

Since I’ve made the first leap in eliminating dairy milk from my diet I think it’s important to know WHY I made that decision. I’ll be upfront about the fact that I’ve never been a huge milk drinker so this wasn’t a particularly challenging transition for me. After discovering hazlenut almond flavoured Rice Milk which tastes so much better than cow’s milk I’m really not even tempted to go back. Also, I would like this site and my journey through this stuff to be a resource to others. So, without further adieu, some quotes that illustrate why I have decided to eliminate milk from my diet and why you might want to consider it. « Read the rest of this entry »

This Is What (Rice) Dreams Are Made Of

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I love waking up to two things: mail and rice milk.

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Oatly Oat Drink

October 20, 2011 § 1 Comment

In terms of freefrom foods our local Asda isn’t that great. I made the trek out to Tesco to have a poke around yesterday and, lo and behold, a milk alternative! I’d really love to find some almond milk, but I think I’ll have to get to a Whole Foods for that one.

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Welcome to The Veggie Monster Says

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My motto is: More food. Less politics.

You see, becoming a vegetarian/vegan/raw vegan has become a bit of a political statement and I don’t like that. I’m here to share my experiences without a call to action for PETA, or tree-hugging, or using newspaper as toilet paper.

I want to talk about food, nothing more and nothing less. 

So why am I going vegetarian with the ultimate end goal of being a vegan? Mainly because I love food and I think my meal planning skills are getting a bit boring with things revolving around meat. There are loads of other meal choices out there and being a vegetarian forces me to explore them. Plus, I’m a student and veggies are cheap.

I’m not sure how long it will take me to go vegan, but I’d like to try and get there eventually. I guess you would call me a ‘flirt’.  I was vegetarian for a brief stint in high school until some Taco Bell cravings came on something fierce. I’m ready for a second shot.

Ta for now.

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